Dear Soldiers,

The government and local authorities have laid out the rules for us to follow for the Rampage Free Party and we can now finally get things rolling for real!

Everyone will need to present proof of being Covid19-free by means of a negative PCR test or fully vaccinated 2 weeks before enter the Rampage Free Party.

We are required by law to present an accurate head count beforehand, including full details of every single one of you (not to mention we plan to provide adequate facilities for everyone attending) so we have set up a system of registration.

You can grab your free ticket and enter your details, plus link your crew so they can enter theirs, and you will be required to purchase 5 drinktickets per person (per day) to ensure ticketholders actually intend on coming. At that point you can also buy a bus shuttle ticket if you plan to come by train and want the transfer, and a camping ticket.

Sun will be shining, bass will be loud, and fun will be had!

Set Yourself Free, and see you in August!!! FINALLY!!!

Claim your ticket and extras here at this website from June 21st at 4pm CET.

If you have a ticket voucher, you can choose to use that

Soldiers…. salute!!

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